Constructive is a full service general contractor built on a philosophy of collaborative teamwork between clients, architects, project managers, and subcontractors.

We specialize in modern architecture and our experience and relationships are centered around achieving high quality detailing and construction on cutting edge designs, both commercial and residental. We are passionate about supporting modern design and take great pleasure in the process it requires.

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Rick Fontenot, President

Mark Huss, Site Superintendent

The luckiest break we've had is exposure to how great architects think. Sometimes it has been through in-depth and lengthy relationships and other times it has been a really impactful single conversation that just sticks with us. These are some of the people we are truly grateful for and have shaped the way we approach construction.

Joshua Nimmo [Nimmo American Studio for Progressive Architecture]

Russell Buchanan [Buchanan Architecture]

Dan Shipley [Shipley Architects]

Bob Meckfessel [DSGN associates]

Kevin Sloan [Kevin Sloan Studio]

Vincent Snyder [Vincent Snyder Architects]

James Timberlake [Kieran Timberlake]

Max Levy [Max Levy Architect]