Rick Fontenot, President

Rick entered the development, design, and construction industry in an unusual path. After having success in semiconductor research and development in a prestigious group at Texas Instruments, he decided to give up the hard earned career to chase a passion for modern design.

After completing MBA studies focused real estate finance and entrepreneurship, he joined Urban Edge Developers to work on a cutting edge sustainable neighborhood known as Urban Reserve. During this five year effort, he was named Vice President and became the primary leader for guiding clients through lot purchases, architect selection, project designs, budget management, and construction.

Rick was one of only two builders in Dallas to achieve LEED-H Platinum certification during the pilot stage in 2008. Since that time Rick has built multiple LEED Platinum and Gold certified homes. He also managed and technically de-bugged some of the bolder sustainability measures of the Urban Reserve common areas including water management of retention ponds that provided for 90% of irrigation needs.

During the Urban Reserve project, Rick was rapidly exposed to over 20 different highly accomplished architects and a wide array of design philosophy and detailing. After understanding issues preventing shading and durability projections from meeting zoning requirements, Rick submitted a presentation of the issue to city planning commission who then approved zoning amendments. He also gathered enough support to accomplish the rare instance of an existing street name change in Dallas.

The engineering and finance backgrounds make Rick particularly well suited to building dynamic budget models and sustainability scorecards to aid project teams in making informed decisions.

For these reasons the UT Austin School of Architecture invited Rick to give a guest lecture to architecture students about the inner workings of Urban Reserve and an in depth discussion of design management pitfalls resulting in un-built projects.

Rick is a father of two girls, and a resident of a walkable community. Beyond Constructive, Rick is also on the executive team of ArtCon [artconspiracy.org] and volunteers to design and build for various community events.