Typical details are not always applicable

Architectural plans often show "typical details" that are to be used throughout a home. However sometimes applying these details to unique conditions in one room can cause awkward finishes. We try to spot these instances in advance of completing the work and give our input on different ways it could be handled. This is an instance of the typical "reveals" between doors, walls, and floors meeting a unique condition abutting a cabinet panel. Rather than expressing our concerns and questions verbally we produced 3D sketches of the possibilites we could envision and asked the architect for his preference.

Before we build it, is this OK?

Sometimes details work in plan view, but hardware limitations can cause potential issues. In this instance the operation of a pivot hinge was not going to allow for all aesthetic alignments shown in architectural plans. Before constructing we made these sketches to communicate our concern and give the architect a chance to approve or adjust details as desired.

Pivot Door Alignment.jpg