We pull strings

Often times, measuring will not be enough to locate pipes and other rough-in items. Particularly for modern projects which have critically aligned walls or finished concrete floors. We pull strings to ensure pipes are in a straight line along walls. This prevents walls from having to be thickened or shifted at the framing stage. It allows floor roughness around pipes to remain hidden under walls rather than be visible in the room.

Finishes are dependent on early planning

You only get one chance to rough in an item. If you discover something needs to be moved at the end of the project, chances are, framing members, insulation, or costs of patching will prevent you from moving it. We plan rough-ins based on final product specifications such as these electric meter, disconnect, and solar panel boxes. When the boxes arrive on site the rough-ins allow the boxes to be evenly spaced and centered on the section of wall.

Meter layout Zoomed with Dimensions.jpg

Thinking in 3D

It can be tricky connecting the dots between plans and elevations to truly understand how things look in 3D. Rather than simply handing the plans off to framing subcontractors, we think through the framing ourselves and produce notes and interpretations like these. Prior to construction we meet with the framers to discuss each person's interpretations and ask architects for clarification on details.

Minor Adjustments

We work hard to find the hidden information in plans to meet the aesthetic expectations of high quality modern architecture. Multiple planes intersecting are common challenge where we know a crisp point will be important. We made these sketches to demonstrate an issue for architect approval, then used them to communicate its importance to the framers.